All American Boys

By: Chloe


Rashad is a teenager who was in a store when a lady tripped over him, making him drop a bag of chips, which started everything. The next thing he knows, he's being pounded into the pavement by a white cop who thought he was stealing. So then Rashad, an ROTC kid who likes art, was absent again...and again...stuck in a hospital room. Why? Because it looked like he was stealing - and he was a black kid in baggy clothes. So he must have been Stealing.

And that's what Quinn, a white kid, saw. He saw his best friend's older brother beating the daylights out of a classmate. At first Quinn doesn't tell a soul. He's not even sure he understands it - and does it matter. The whole thing was caught on camera anyway. But when the school - and nation - starts to divide on what happened, blame spreads like wildfire fed by ugly words like "racism" and "police brutality." Quinn realized he's got to understand it , because, bystander or not, hes a part of history. He just had to figure out what side of history that will be.

Rashad and Quinn - one black, one white, both american- face the unspeakable truth that racism did not die after the civil right movement. There's a future at stake, a future where no one else will have to be absent because of police brutality. They just have to risk everything to the the world.

Because that's how it can end.

About Jason Reynolds

Jason Reynolds is one of the authors of All American Boys. He was awarded the 2015 Coretta Scott King/John Steptoe Award for his novel, When I was the Greatest. He is also the author of the book, The Boy in the Black Suit.

About Brendan Kiely

Brendan Kiely is also one of the authors of All American Boys. He was from Boston but now lives in Greenwich Village, New York. He got an MFA from the City College of New York. He published a novel - The Gospel of Winter - in eight different lanugages and was chosen as one of the American Library Association's Top Ten Best Fiction for Young Adults titles of 2015. It was also a selection for the Best Teen Books of 2014.