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Teachers are doing some pretty amazing things in our district. Each month, we will highlight a few projects teachers are working on. Have a project you'd like us to feature? Let us know here!

Podcasts have been around for quite a while, but more and more teachers are using this medium for students to express their learning. Not familiar with Podcasting? Check out this video explanation from Jonathan Wylie of the GWAEA Digital Learning Team.

At City High, Jonathan Rogers's Advanced Journalism class creates radio shows or podcasts. Some of The Little Hawk's top shows include Politikid, The Minority Report, LH Book Reviews, and Sounds of the City. They record with a Yeti Mic and use the program SoundTrap. They also work with regular mics hooked up to a computer and upload to SoundCloud for online sharing.


the Fault in our Stars by TheLittleHawk

Students Podcasting Across Grade Levels

The 4Cs: Developing a Tech Integrated Classroom

Flexible meeting dates, authentic learning opportunities, and a community of innovation! Take this course to see how you can include more creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking in your classroom while earning recert credit.

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