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February 13, 2014

Read like an Eagle!


The count is in for our second week of the Eagle Reading Initiative! The Elementary School has turned in 365 feathers, so far! In the Middle School we have collected 550 feathers! Keep up the great work! If you need more feathers, please send the kids down to the media center…we have plenty and will be glad to make more!

You can also download a PDF file of a feather from the school's website if you click the Eagle Reading Initiative link on the home page.

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Achieve has developed materials to help states, districts, and others understand the organization and content of the Common Core standards and the content and evidence base used to support the standards.

This and more information can be found at Achieving the Common Core (

American Library Association Recommended Sites!

Socrative (
Socrative transforms multiple student devices into student response systems for free! Engage upper elementary and secondary students in classroom activities with educational exercises and games in real time via smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Socrative is easy to set up and features formats including multiple choice, True/False, and short answer. Results can be viewed online in a Google spreadsheet or received via email as an Excel file. Grades 6-12.

Tip: Use Socrative to administer pre- and post tests to Common Core and AASL standards in your library program.

QuadBlogging (
Quadblogging connects students in four different schools around the corner or around the world to blog with a purpose. Instead of having students write blog posts "that go in their tray to die" teachers sign up on this site and are linked with three other schools to provide an opportunity for elementary and secondary students to blog with each other. Over the last 12 months 100,000 pupils have been involved in QuadBlogging from 3000 40 countries. Grades 3-12.

Tip: Use Quadblogging across curriculum areas to develop student awareness of similarities and differences of people from different cultures.

Marqueed (
Marqueed is an easy-to-use, collaborative, web-based platform for annotating images. Simply drag-and-drop images from the Web or add from your computer. PDF files can also be added. Type or draw annotations. Collections of annotated images can be created and shared publicly or kept privately. Best of all, multiple students can collaboratively annotate an image. Grades 3-12.

Tip: Analyze a historical photograph to deepen students' thinking about a historical event or period. Upload a poem for students to discuss.

19Pencils (
19Pencils is an easy-to-use online platform for locating and sharing PreK – 6 educational resources, assignments and quizzes. The site’s quality search engine enables teachers to explore the 19Pencils library for resources specific to their students’ needs. Teachers can also add their own content and customize quizzes to target specific learning goals. A helpful feature, especially for younger students, is the display of each resource as a thumbnail image instead of just the URL. After creating class pages of resources, teachers can monitor student progress and assignment completion. Grades PreK-6.

Tip: This website is a great tool to use across the curriculum for blended learning and the flipped classroom.

iCivics (
Order in the court. Hail to the chief! Roll call…yea or nay… iCivics is game, activity and resource filled Web site, founded by Justice, Sandra Day O’Conner to help young people of all ages learn about branches of government, citizenship, separation of powers, media influences on government, the budget, and the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Games can be accessed by topic or playing time. In addition to games and webquests, iCivics provides lesson plans with supporting resources for teachers. Grades 3-12.

Tip: Combine curricular learning with service learning by challenging students to participate in the iCivics Impact Project.

Wonderopolis (
Wonderopolis is a whimsical, fun website providing "Wonders of the Day" such as "Do Rabbits Have Good Eyesight?" to "When is Technology Old?" A vocabulary list provides a learning base for each lesson. Related questions will spark students' curiosity and motivate them to learn more about the topic. The "Wonderize It" tool lets teachers customize a lesson based on a daily "Wonder" question. The engaging informational text can be used to address Common Core Standards in reading while incorporating related images and videos. Grades K - 12.

Tip: Let students pick a "Wonder" to explore and then research the topic more in depth.

Youngzine (
Youngzine is a child-centered website that provides articles, images, and videos about world news, science and technology, society and arts, movies, and books. School-age children are encouraged to respond to the content and may submit articles, short stories and book reviews. All content is reviewed by Youngzine’s editors and updated every two weeks. Grades K-8.

Tip: Do you and your students discuss current events? Use Youngzine as a springboard for these weekly or daily discussions. Students can post comments and reflections in the comments section.

Garbology (
Garbology is an exciting and interactive website that answers the question, "Where should my waste go?" It helps elementary-age students better understand how they can reduce trash and stop polluting. In addition to the interactive game, the “For Teachers” section includes nine lesson plans and five fact sheets; the “For Students” section includes a waste assessment and seven useful handouts; and the “For Families” section will inspire families to reduce and recycle. Grades K-8.

Tip: Garbology is the perfect addition to your Earth Day unit.

This content and more can be found at Best Websites for Teaching & Learning 2013


Kohl’s Cares for Kids: $500.00 Grant Received

On Tuesday, February 18, 2014 we will have several volunteers from Kohl’s in Hermitage visiting and helping in our library. We have received a $500.00 grant from them to purchase books for the elementary library. They are also sending several of their employees to read to our kids. We are thrilled! With the grant money, we are planning on purchasing non-fiction books to update our collection!

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