Lets Talk Cat

All you need to now about cats by Ava McEachran


Do you want a cat well read.Read this book it is going to tell you all about cats and what you need for your cat.

Lets Get a Cat

so you want get a cat...Well you have to get a jot of stuff before you can get a cat.You have to get cat food,food and,water bowl,toys and a brush.If you are going to get a kitten you have to get kitten food if you are going to get an adult cat you have to get adult cat food.Also before you get a cat you have to decide if you want a short haired cat or a long haired?

Picture to Right: cat mouse toy

Make Sure To Pick a Nice Cat

When you go to get your cat make sure to pick a nice cat.How do you pick a nice cat your asking.well a mean cat will twitching its tail or hissing.A nice cat will be prring,laying down or being quiet.When you have picked a cat ask to hold the cat to make sure it is the right cat for you If the cat claws or hisses you the that cat is probably not right for you.If the cat stays seated in your arms then that cat is the right cat for you.

Time To Eat!!

Once you have got your there are 3 main things you have to do.1.get you cat/kitten cat food.2.get a brush or comb.3.get a litter box.#1 is get your cat food.You have to get the right kind of food.If your cat does eat it's food then your cat either does not like it's food or your cat is sick.

Litter box training

some people don't like cats because they don't go to the bathroom in there litter box.I will tell you a few easy steps so your cat will always go to the bathroom in there litter box.1. put your cat it to it's litter box do this a few times .2.put your cats litter box in an easy to reach place.3.clean your cats litter box 3 or 4 times a week.

Short and long haired cats

A lot of people can't have cats because they have cat allergies but...if you have a short haired cat then your allergies want be so bad. If you have long haired cat then your allergies will be bad.If you have a long haired cat then almost all day you will be sneezing or what ever your allergy is.So if you have a cat allergy then I would recommend a short haired cat or a cat called a shynx it has no HAIR AT ALL!!!!

Grab a Brush

cats shed a lot so you have to brush them a daily.But if you have a short haired cat then you don't have to brush them as much.You have to brush a short haired cat 1 or 2 a month.If you have a long haired cat then you have to bush them 3 or 4 times a week.When you brush your cat don't use a human brush use a pet or cat brush.

so many kinds

there are about 6,000000 cats in the wold! Some long haired cats are: Europeon short hair,Blue Burmese ,Chocolate British and Bicolor Orental.Here are some long haired cats:Orental long hair,perasian,somal,and turkish van