Happy New Year

Miss Sullivan's Weekly News - January 8, 2016

Welcome to 2016!

It is so fun to come back to school after Christmas. The kids were all refreshed after the break... and so was I! We were all ready to dive right into division! Long division has been fun, but also a challenge. There is a wonderful web based interactive program called Dividerama that walks kids through the process of long division. I encourage you to have your children practice this daily. Even doing three or four problems each day will build skills rapidly.

In science, we will continue our study of the earth, sun, and moon. We are looking for patterns in nature... such as tides, seasons, and day/night cycles. We will also have a really fun lab on weathering and erosion next week.

Some dates to remember:

Monday - Presentation by the Cattle Raisers Museum Exhibit

Tuesday - Reading Assessment

Thursday - Science Fair projects due (these may be sent before Thursday)

Friday- Science Assessment

No math homework again next week so there is time to get those science projects completed. I can't wait to see them!!!

Have a wonderful weekend!