Fantastic Almost Force Friday

And Books You Might Want to Use Over the Next Two Weeks

Sept. 11

One of the few days I remember exactly what I was doing. Madison High School second period Spanish I.

If interested we will need to share these titles as there aren't a lot of multiple copies. Let me know ASAP if you would like to use one, and please return it ASAP so that others can as well.

There is also a multiple user non-fiction ebook book you can find by searching the catalog or, as always, modeling electronic resource use by looking for an article via EB or Infobits.

A Preview from the Celebridot Website for Dot Day on Sept. 15ish

from the Celebri-dot website in honor of International Dot Day ... in honor of the book by Peter Reynolds. Every kid (and adult) can make their mark and create beautiful and great things! See me if you'd like a read aloud (any grade), discussion, or to do a simple augmented reality coloring activity. Heard from one person via the Google Classroom!

Also this author, Cassie Beasley? And this book, Circus Mirandus? Definitely worth taking a look as a read aloud for grades four or five and later on in grade three. We don't have it yet but I hope to get it. It's SAD but beautiful.

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Coming Up

  • Sept. 11
  • Sept. 12-due date for book requests to be added to the school collection. The form is a simple link on the Google Classroom. They even made an update where it can be "pinned" to stay at the top! I need this info early to prioritize budgets and timelines.
  • Sept. 16-Oct. 15 Hispanic Heritage Month (Check PebbleGo or Encyclopedia Britannica for text, Discovery Streaming for video clips!)
  • Sept. 17 Constitution Day (Check PebbleGo or Encyclopedia Britannica for text, Discovery Streaming for video clips!)
  • Sept. 21-25 BOOKFAIR The preview sign up will go live via a link in the Google Classroom on Sept. 16th. We will not be able to do class checkout and VERY LIMITED individual checkout during that week. I hope to be able to have a short preview after school for teachers on Friday, Sept. 18th. It never hurts to add at least a couple books to a wish list!
  • Oct. 19-23 I will be out but a sub will be here.
  • Oct. 26-30 Literary Pumpkin Patch
  • Oct. 28 Digital Citizenship lesson verification forms (link on the libguide or in the Google Classroom) due to me so that I can get them to Dr. G by HER due date.