Monday Message


Here we are at the beginning of our second week, and it's been an eventful start! There's nothing like commencing the year with a little power outage to get things rolling. I'm always pleased with how you all go with the flow in this building, and I was extremely happy with how well our students did in the halls. Thank you for the extra supervision during transitions. It definitely made our job easier.

On my end, I have to admit that last week got away from me. Between working out beginning of school kinks, Wednesday's excitement, and a rogue stomach bug that found me out of school on Thursday, it has been a whirlwind. That being said, there are a number of the things that have me excited about 2015-16. Our faculty meeting on 9/3 was a highlight, even if I did get put in timeout a couple of times!. I am truly looking forward to continue this work with you as we set a vision, mission, and goals for the future of our middle school. Three hours, which may have sounded daunting, went by quickly, and we have some great building blocks established. You can bet that we will continue to work on this in both our smaller Building Leadership Team and as an entire faculty as the year progresses.

A couple of other informational items:

  • I have posted a white board calendar outside of my office that tells you (theoretically) where I might be with my "mobile office" on a given day. Looking for me? Check there first.
  • Regarding my mobile office, it is up and running. Expect to see me, my rolling computer desk, and my Chromebook in the halls as much as possible.
  • At the end of last week I shared our building's Google Calendar with all of you. This is a great resource. Please let me know if you'd like help adding it to your calendar list.
  • Speaking of Google, now is the time to strike while the iron is hot. I am so proud of how quickly you embraced this resource last year. Let me know if you'd like help converting particular documents over to Google Drive as we embark on a new year. It's a perfect time to take stock of how we can communicate information through shared documents.

Thanks for a smooth start, and here's to a great school year!


Monday, Sept. 14: Fire Drills #1 (3rd Period) and #2 (8th Period)

Tuesday, Sept. 15: Faculty Meeting - Kristine Orr to address APPR changes, 2:15, Library

Friday, Sept. 18: Teen Town, 7-9 PM


Effort Roll

Several people have inquired about Effort Roll this year. As of now, Effort Roll is on hold. After experiencing it for a year and talking with a handful of folks in the building, Kyle and I have decided that it's time for us to come up with another meaningful way to honor our students outside of the realm of academics. I will be seeking input from our BLT and Shared Decision Making Committees as we move forward, and I'll keep you updated as this develops. I will be notifying our school community about this via the Winch Word for this month.

Act With Respect Always

At the end of last year, after a great day with Sweethearts and Heroes, Kyle and I decided that we wanted to start this year off with another positive message for all of our students. Some of you know Coach Rich Johns, who grew up in South Glens Falls and taught in Saratoga, his Act With Respect Always program, and its message. Rich will be joining us on Wednesday, September 30th, to present to all three grade levels on his important character education message. More information will be forthcoming ASAP as we establish the schedule of with Coach Johns. The day will most likely follow a similar format to our Sweethearts and Heroes presentations last year with each grade meeting individually for approximately 1 hour in the LGI.

Pictures of the Week

This is Matera, Italy. My wife and I spent the day here in early August.

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This is a sandwich I ate in Matera, Italy.

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I'll let you decide which one is more beautiful....

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