Mrs. Baker's Class Newsletter

April 4,2014

What is going on?

Week of April 7th

Math: Students will begin preparing for the second grade district benchmark in math. We will be reviewing all concepts taught in math and learning about the genre of test taking. Students will learn to show all of their work (testing style) and then choose and circle the correct answer when given choices (seems easy but many forget to choose!). The next few days will be very important review days. Please make sure that your child will be in school on April 15th and 16th especially!

Reading: Students will continue to study fiction texts this week, specifically folktales and fairy tales. Students will read more versions of Cinderella and compare the texts, thinking about the setting, the country/culture of origin, theme, plot, and characters. Later in the week, students will practice being a “reading detective” by reading passages with multiple choice questions to help them prepare for the upcoming Language Arts benchmark on April 15th. Please make sure that your child will be in school on this day and the next day- April 16th.

Writing/Grammar: Students will also be working on editing and revising in order to be prepared for an upcoming benchmark on April 15th.

Science: This week students will be observing and identify how magnets are used in everyday life. We will be learning vocabulary terms related to magnets. We will be determining if objects are magnetic or not. Students will be demonstrated how magnets are used in the world around us.

PBL: Thank you to all the parents for visiting our classroom on Friday for the gallery walk of our PBL presentations. The students loved having you here and we appreciate your support.