Emérentienne Mercier Soqué

My great-grandmother


Emérentienne Mercier lived her entire life in Quebec, Canada and was born on June 17,1912.She was the oldest of a family of eighteen kids, nine girls and nine boys. Five of her brothers are still alive and one of her sister is going to turn 101 years old in a few months.


Emérentienne lived in the campaign, but when an economic crisis happened in 1926, they move to Valleyfield to flee poverty. She just had finished elementary school (first grade to six grade) at the religious school of Beauce Natale.At 15 years old she got a job in a cotton mill to bring money for the family. One at the factory she got really tired and fell asleep in a box of cotton. She got fired for three days but got her job back and that is where she met her husband, Albert Soqué.

Adult life

Albert was born in Valleyfield but his father was from France. They got married in April, 1938.They got three kids; Jean-Claude, Marcel and my grandmother Pierette.

During the war Emérentienne educated her kids at home. Albert worked at a factory of gunpowder. One day there was a fire and a man was stuck in it, he went in the fire to save the man and succeed. At the end of the war Albert received honor for an act of bravery. She didn’t loose anyone in the war and was proud of her husband's accomplishment.When her kids became adult she started working at the Valleyfield hospital.She was described as hardworking and playful by her co-worker.At 72 years old, she spend some time in France where Marcel, her son, lived. One day, when she was retired, one of her friend asked her if she would like to do theater to entertain elders in a residential house. She agreed with pleasure. She did a lot of clown roles. Her group was called “The Whites Pearl”(because of there white hair). They would go presents their pieces to many center around the region. She had as much fun as the audience. Emérentienne sadly died on May 31,2002 the age of 90 years old at the residential home she played her piece. It was her last presentation.