Web 2.0

Creative Websites with Computer 7! :D

Prezi and Smore

Prezi.com is a presentation tool that helps you organize and share your ideas. It's very creative and artistic. Make your prezi in minutes, and signing up is fast and free.

Another Web 2.0 is Smore, which is what were using right now! :)


Symbaloo.com is a site that allows you to access your bookmarks anywhere instantly for your favorite websites. It's also a free social service!

BigHugelabs, Blabberize, & Wordle

Have fun with these helpful and creative sites!


Fotobabble is an app on the iPads and it allows you to add a picture; then you click record and you can record your voice into Fotobabble! Even though Fotobabble is an app, you can still share it and look at it on the internet!