News from 125

October 14th, 2016

General Announcements

  • Thank you for sending in $5.00 for the classroom parties. Our first party is quickly approaching and our wonderful volunteers have met to plan activities for the students. If you have not sent in $5.00, please consider doin so as these series are enjoyed by all students.
  • Now that we have settled into the school year, please let me know if you would like to volunteer as a copy parent. This person is someone that runs copies for our class. If you are interested in this position, but are unsure of how to work the machine, please don't worry, I would be happy to show you (it is user friendly :-) ). Please email me if you're interested.

Academic Updates


  • This week students learned about exponents, powers of ten, and exponential notation. The students themselves made the connection between what we were learning about exponents and how they fit into the order of operations. We also began to review multi digit multiplication and learn the U. S. traditional method of multiplication.

  • Fifth grade IXL sections that support these topics include: C.3, C.5, and C.9. As we will be covering multi digit multiplication, it is highly important that students have efficient strategies when multiplying single digits. The app Door 24 Plus is a free, game based app from the creators of iReady. iReady is an assessment program we use in Walled Lake to monitor student achievement and growth. Once students download the free app, they can use their Google username and password to access the app. This will allow their data to be tracked, so they don't lose any progress they have made. Please email me if you have any questions regarding the use of the app.

Social Studies and Science

  • This week in science, students have been learning about the effects of changing variables with a plane. Students completed their I-Check #3 and those were scored on Thursday. Next Thursday (10/20), is the vocabulary quiz for all 16 terms. We will continue to learn about variables with our next set of Investigations by learning about things that flip (think catapult).
  • This week in Social Studies, students researched various tribes in order to create a list of possible choices for their Indian Life Ways project. Tribes were assigned on Thursday, and the Google Slides project is due on November 4th. Students may find the rubric on Google Classroom Social Studies and in their Google Documents. Also, a study guide was sent home for the Unit 1 part 1 Social Studies Benchmark Assessment. This BA will be given on October 19th. Grades can not be provided for a few weeks until students complete part 2 of this BA. A study guide has also been provided on Quizlet, and students may access it through Google Classroom.


  • In reading, students have learned the last sign post, Tough Questions. They have also met their book clubs both in person as well as virtually.
  • In writing, students have finished their memoirs. Next week we will edit and revise these as we focus on proper grammar and conventions.
  • In word study, students have studied the root word photo, the prefix pre-, and the academic words liberate, pester, algorithm, and efficient