KILL the Pain!

Bayer's new invention of Acetylsalicylic Acid

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Aspirin by Chaval Brasil. Image is available with permission from a Creative Common's license.

What is Aspirin?

  • Invented in 1899
  • German inventor, Felix Hoffmann
  • Hoffmann worked for Bayer Corporations
  • Hoffman tested it on his father, whom was suffering from arthritis
  • Relieved Hoffmann's father's pain

Want the pain to go away?

Take Aspirin!

It is guaranteed that Aspirin will take away your pain. It will also prevent heart attacks and strokes. It is good with people that have inflammatory diseases. Aspirin will be your best pain killer!


  • 1915 the first tablet was made
  • Aspirin & Heroine are trademarks belonging to Bayer
  • Bayer was forced to give up both trademarks due to the loss on Germany's side of World War I
  • Aspirin got its name because of the "A" in acetyl chloride, the "spir" in spiraea ulmaria and the "in" because it was common in medicines

Bayer Heroin. Image is available for use in the public domain.

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Bayer Aspirin ad, NYT, February 19, 1917. Image is available for use in the public domain.

A special thank you to every customer that has bought Bayer Aspirin. You helped us help our economy by creating more jobs. Pharmacy's now wanted sell our product because it was in so much demand. Therefore, the increase of pharmacy's resulted in an increase of pharmacists. Once again, thank you for expanding our economy!

Werbung. Image is available for use in the public domain.