21st Century Literacies

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How do 21st Century Literacies impact students' social world?

EML436 - 21st Century Literacies
"To cope with the demands of the 21 st century, people need to know more than core subjects. They need to know how to use their knowledge and skills by thinking critically, applying knowledge to new situations, analyzing information, comprehending new ideas, communicating, collaborating, solving problems, making decisions.” Bruniges, (2003).

An ever changing world - by YouTube user: ArmadilloCreative

An Ever Changing World

21st Century Schools

Shaw, (2008) hypothesised that:

"Schools will go from ‘buildings’ to 'nerve centers', with walls that are porous and transparent, connecting teachers, students and the community to the wealth of knowledge that exists in the world.'
Teacher - From primary role as a dispenser of information to orchestrator of learning and helping students turn information into knowledge, and knowledge into wisdom."

Learner - In the past a learner was a young person who went to school, spent a specified amount of time in certain courses, received passing grades and graduated. Today we must see learners in a new context:

First – we must maintain student interest by helping them see how what they are learning prepares them for life in the real world.

Second – we must instill curiosity, which is fundamental to lifelong learning.

Third – we must be flexible in how we teach.

Fourth – we must excite learners to become even more resourceful so that they will continue to learn outside the formal school day.”

This hypothesis forms a great basis upon how to think about 21st century learning and allows us, as teachers, to shape our lessons in a way that caters to 21st century learners. 21st century literacies in the classroom will provide the basis for all units of teaching and lesson plans. If 21st century literacies are not utilised, we face the possibility of a generational disconnect between the student and the teacher (Kellner, n.d.).

How can 21st Century Literacies be incorporated into teaching and learning practices in the classroom?

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