Cougar Call

Volume 3, Issue 1

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New Students and Teachers

The 2016-2017 school year opened Monday, August 8, at Piedmont Academy with forty-three new students and a total enrollment of 280 students. There are 102 students in grades K3 through fifth (36%); 67 students in middle school (24%); and 111 students in high school (40%). Gender breakdown includes one-hundred-twenty-nine girls and one-hundred-fifty-one boys. Twenty-eight percent of this year’s student body has alumni parents or grandparents. Drawing from a six-county area, Jasper County represents forty percent of the student body. Butts County represents twenty-eight percent and Newton County represents twenty-six percent. Other counties represented include Henry, Jones, and Rockdale.

Joining the Piedmont family in PK3 through fifth grade include: Kyle Anglin, Courtlyn Crowder, Callie Harrison, Macy Lewis, Katie Brimberry, Camilia Wallace, Makayla Tyree, Chasley Hadaway, Olivia Whitaker, Zayne Head, Bella Brimberry, Mason Love, Kayle McCart, Abbey Phillips, Graham Allen, Cliff Hilton, Sam Clark, Alayna Carden, Xavier Brown, Hatchet Anderson, Andrew Phillips, Chase Hadaway, and Ellie McCart (23).

New middle school students include: Spencer Carter, Nicholas Richards, George Russell, Bray Taylor, Carina Valdivia, Jacob Richards, Ella King, Colt Hadaway, Harrison Dowdy, Hunter Robinson, Tanner Locklear, and Drake Coody (12).

High school students new to Piedmont Academy include: Alexis Schad, Ezra King, Lillie King, Martina Coleman, Madison Locklear, Jaron Autry and Ben Smith (7).

Toni White joins the faculty and will be teaching kindergarten. White, and her husband, Randall are current parents to two children who attend Piedmont Academy and her family lives in Monticello. A graduate of Troup County High School followed by a recipient of her bachelor’s degree from the University of West Georgia and her master’s degree from the University of Georgia. She was formally employed at Washington Park Elementary School. Riding horses, reading, traveling to warm locations are some activities she enjoys during her spare time.

Teaching fifth grade this year will be Melissa Hadaway. She has been teaching for seven years and former schools have included Washington Park in Jasper County and Flint Hill in Jones County. Hadaway received her bachelor of science in education from Georgia College and State University and is married to alumni Sam Hadaway (Class of 2000). They have three children and they reside in Gray, Georgia. In her spare time, she enjoys reading and watching sports.

A graduate of Morgan County High School and receiving her bachelor of science degree from the University of Georgia; masters from Troy University; and Educational Specialist from the University of Georgia is employee, Molly Tyree. Tyree and her husband, Matthew Tyree, have two children and they live in Mansfield. She has been in education for almost a decade and taught at Alcovy High School and Jackson High School prior to taking time off from teaching to be with her young children. In her spare time, Tyree enjoys exercising, reading, cooking, and working on new craft projects.

Bringing fifteen years of educational experience, Trevor Hart, joins the faculty and will teach high school mathematics. He is a former employee with the Henry County school system teaching at Union Grove High School. Hart received his bachelor of science degree from Shorter University and completed his Masters at Troy University. Hart is originally from Ola, Georgia. He and his wife, Stacie, have three boys and they reside in Mansfield. In his spare time, he enjoys whitewater kayaking.

The independent school was founded in 1970 and is entering its 46th year in education. Nine hundred forty five alumni belong to the school’s association. The school is “accredited with quality” by the Georgia Accrediting Commission, accreditation from Southern Association of Independent Schools (SACS), and AdvancEd certified. Piedmont is a member of the Georgia Independent School Association.

By: Judy Nelson

Macintosh V. PC

When most go shopping for a computer, they find themselves in a dilemma of choosing between two major types of computer: Macintosh or PC. Even though Macintosh is a “Personal Computer,” we will define a “Macintosh” as any device running the Mac OSX operating system, and a “PC” as anything running the Microsoft Windows operating system. There are numerous benefits and drawbacks to both including but not limited to price, functionality, specialization, and lifetime.

Microsoft Windows and the machines that use them are empirically cheaper as well as more upgradeable. Unlike Macs, most computers don’t void the warranty by opening the sides of them. Since no one company is in charge of manufacturing and assembling, computer parts usually come with warranties on specific parts of the computer. This makes the pricing of computers very competitive in the PC market. Parts are so much more interchangeable then; therefore, instead of completely replacing the entire Mac computer, you can interchange parts for less money.

Macs, however, are more specialized at video editing and rendering; that is definitely where they excel. They are also more secure than PCs because less people use them so there is less of a market for Mac viruses. They also have a tendency to last significantly longer. They also have access to useful editing software such as final cut and desk capture. However, since Apple is the only one to manufacture their computers they are quite a bit more expensive than a PC.

PCs are more versatile and more cost efficient while Macs are more specialized and better at what they do. The best choice depends on the intentions of the user. If you want utility and versatility and the most value for your dollar, stick with a PC. If you want quality, guarantees, and specialization, then choose a Mac.

By: Nick Maynard

Friday Night Lights

The Piedmont Cougars faced off against the Bethlehem Knights for their season opener on Friday night, August 12th. After four tough quarters of football, the cougars came out of the game with a 13-6 loss. Quarterback Mack Brady passed for 172 yards and had one touchdown completion to Chris McClain. McClain led the team in receiving with four receptions for 72 yards and one touchdown. Brady led the team in rushing with seven carries for 29 yards. At the next game, the cougars played at home against Loganville Christian Academy. Brady led the Cougars offense with 15 passing yards and 289 rushing yards on 21 carries. Logan Connor led the team in receiving yards with 15. Ben Smith and Logan Connor led the defense with nine tackles each. Smith had six solo tackles, three assists, and one tackle for loss. Connor had two solo tackles, seven assists, and also a TFL. After the final horn, Piedmont won its first game of the season 26-12. After the first two games, the cougars have 353 rushing yards with Brady having 318 of them and 187 total passing yards.

On August 26th, the Cougars faced their toughest challenge yet in the form of John Milledge. The Trojans turned out to be too much for the Cougars to handle in the 42-6 defeat. The Cougars couldn’t get their offense rolling throughout the game but finally managed to string some plays together at the end and get points on the board from a 5 yard pass to Wyatt Galloway. J.T. Webb led the Cougars offense with 3 receptions for 83 yards that included a 54 yard long pass. Galloway was the leading rusher for the Cougars with 47 yards on 12 carries. Logan Connor and Ben Smith carried the defense with 5 tackles apiece. The Cougars play Briarwood this Friday. Good luck to our Cougars!

By: Joseph Anderson

Game Day for a Cheerleader

Everybody is super excited on game days, especially the football players and cheerleaders. In the morning, the football players receive their weekly candy from their cheer buddy. They anxiously wait for the long school day to be over. At last the final bell rings, and the cheerleaders go to Mrs. Coe’s room until it’s time to eat dinner. The players, cheerleaders, and coaches come together in the lunchroom or meet at a church to eat dinner and have a devotion provided by different churches. Certain cheerleaders are given sign duty by class each game. Whichever class is assigned that week gets the poles and sign down to the field until it’s time to put them up.

As the time gets closer to 7, the girls get ready and head down to the field. They warm-up their stunts and stretch before the game. The cheerleaders line up by the football locker room and do a cheer as the players walk out down to the field to stretch. Now it is time to start the game! Three football captains from each team meet in the middle of the field with the refs. The fans come on the field to support the team while the cheerleaders hold up the sign and say a chant. The captains come off the field and join the rest of the team to get ready to run through the sign. The whole team is energized and motivated. They run through the sign and on to the field. Now, it’s time to play! Go Cougars!!!

By: Mackensie Johnston


But God demonstrates His own love for us, in this while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. Romans 5:8

Jesus is not only a great friend, but he is a great example. He loves us so much that He died for us. We all sin every single day whether we lie, think a bad thought, say rude words, or do something we know we should not do. The wonderful news is that His love is unfailing; He never stops caring about you. Jesus is forgiving, loving, kind, compassionate, patient, and accepting of people no matter what they have done.

My favorite quote is “God sometimes takes us into difficult waters, not to drown us, but to cleanse us.” Being a Christian does not take away hard times, but Jesus and His word is always there to comfort us in the trying times. Since Christ loved us and gave himself up for us, we should love others. How can you demonstrate love to someone else today?

By: Kelsey Leach

Teacher Spotlight

Our Teacher Spotlight this month is Mrs. Amber Hawkes. Mrs. Hawkes is teaching sixth and eighth grade math this year and has been at Piedmont for three years now. She has previously taught sixth through ninth grade. She says that her favorite subject to teach is science. When asked what made her want to become a teacher, she answered, “My 7th grade teachers were very down to Earth. I also wanted to help students learn.” She went to college at Georgia College and State University. Mrs. Hawkes said she came to Piedmont because she had heard positive things about Piedmont versus public school. Her favorite hobby is scrapbooking, and her favorite color is purple. As a teacher, she is known for being crazy and laid back. In case you haven’t heard, Mrs. and Mr. Hawkes have a new member of the Hawkes family: Jasper Thomas Hawkes. He was born on August 26, 2016 at 3:41am. He is 8 lbs., 15.5 oz and 21 inches. On behalf of the entire PAC family, we are thrilled to welcome baby Jasper Hawkes. Congratulations Mrs. and Mr. Hawkes!

By: Mallory Boyd

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Lady Cougars return to the Diamond

The Piedmont Academy softball team is having an exciting season. They have a record of five wins, five losses, and one tie. Coach Funt said, “This year is about finding ourselves. Sometimes we are good in defense and bad at batting. Other times, we are bad in the field and good in offense.” This season the team started off slow; however, they have improved throughout practices and games. The coaches are preparing the team for region in September. They have two games until the face off with Lagrange and Flint River at region. The Cougars are hoping to pull a win and dominate the other teams.

This year’s roster includes two seniors: Ashley Johnston and Madison Burnham; Junior: Alexis Dodson; Sophomores: Maddie Morton, Neely Bradford, Deacon Robinson, Hailey Hooper, Cassidy Cook, Mattie Johnston, and Lucy Tuggle; Freshmen: Madison Johnson and Mackenzie Rogers; 8th graders: Haley Ann Frank and Ava Anglin.

By: Mackensie Johnston


1. You will find me in the past. I can be created in the present, but the future can never taint me what am I?


2. A seven letter word containing thousands of letters


3. What begins with T, ends with T and has T in it?


4. What belongs to you but others use it more than you do?

-Your name

5. What is harder to catch the faster you run?

-Your breath

6. What flies without wings?

- Time

7. Which vehicle is spelled the same forwards and backwards?


8. What gets whiter the dirtier it gets?

-A chalkboard

9. Teddy bears are never hungry because they are always what?


10. What is as big as you are and yet does not weigh anything?

-Your shadow

By: Savannah Mote

Kiddie Cougar Camp

On Saturday, August 13th, twelve energetic kiddie cougars had an exciting time learning new cheers, dancing to fun music, and learning more about each other in silly games. While the spirited elementary schoolers bounced around giggling and chasing one another, the varsity cheerleaders in charge chugged coffee after a late night at the unfortunate Bethlehem Christian football game. The little cougars learned three new cheers and a cute dance for their upcoming football games. In between learning new things, the varsity cheerleaders led games such as ‘Little Sally Walker’ and ‘Duck, Duck, Goose.’ The kids also played an ice breaker where they would catch a bouncy ball and answer questions like “What’s your favorite food?” and “Do you have siblings?” In the end, the girls put on a great show for their parents, and everyone took a long nap to recover.

By: Ivy English

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FFA is a club that focuses on agriculture, helping others, and leadership. FFA also focuses on ways to better the community such as volunteering at boys’ homes and senior centers. Being a member of this organization is beneficial for getting degrees in agriculture such as Agribusiness, Forestry, Agro science, and Agmechanics. The officers are as follows: President- Wyatt Galloway, Vice President- Grayson Bradley, Secretary- Anne Marie Hildebrant, Treasurer- Preston Tyler, Centennial- Rylee Owens, and Reporter- Lawton Harris. The middle school representatives are Beau Bradley, Maddie Waddleton, and Adrianna Chapko. Brice Dodson says, “Farming isn’t all we do. FFA is more than cows and plows. Through agricultural developments, agriculture has evolved into an American superpower through updated technologies in agriculture.” Other members of FFA expressed additional positive comments concerning the organization:

“To me FFA is a way to learn responsibility and teach you leadership skills.” – Martina Coleman

“FFA means enriching lives and having a fun time.” - Brice Dodson

By: Kelsey Leach

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Paws at a Glance

PAWS At a Glance

September 1: Middle School Softball vs Monticello at 5:00

September 2: Varsity Football @ Briarwood at 7:30

September 5: Labor Day Holiday

September 6: Middle School Softball vs. Heritage at 4:30

B-Team Softball vs. Heritage at 6:00

September 8: Varsity Softball @ LaGrange at 5:00

September 9: FFA Boston Butts Sale in Cafeteria from 4-7

Varsity Football (homecoming) vs. Trinity at 7:30

September 10: Varsity Softball vs. Thomas Jefferson at 11:00

Varsity Softball vs. Windsor at 3:00

Homecoming Dance 7:30-10:30

September 12: Middle School Softball vs. Windsor

JV Football @ Brentwood at 5:30

September 13: Middle and Varsity Softball @ Flint River at 6:00

FFA Region Rally

September 14: Fine Arts Dress Down Day

September 15: Varsity Softball (Senior Night) vs. LaGrange at 5:00

September 16: FFA Kick-off Meeting at 6:30

Varsity Football vs. Gatewood 7:30

September 17: Shotgun vs. Windsor @ Ocmulgee Gun Club

September 19-23: Fall Book Fair

September 19: Varsity Softball @ Gatewood at 4:00

Middle School Softball @ Gatewood at 5:30

September 20: Middle School Softball vs. Flint River at 4:30

Varsity Softball vs. Flint River at 6:00

JV Football vs Social Circle at 5:00

Elementary Football @ Flint River at 6:30

September 22: School Pictures

September 23: Varsity Football vs. Brentwood at 7:30

September 24: GA Best Robotics Kick-off

Shotgun Team Fundraiser @ Old Hudson Plantation

Middle School Softball Tournament @ John Milledge

September 26: Middle School Softball @ Heritage at 3:30

B-Team Softball @ Heritage at 5:30

JV Football vs. Brentwood at 5:30

September 27: ACT Test in Lower Gym at 8:00 AM

Middle School Softball @ Heritage at 3:30

B-Team Softball @ Heritage at 5:30

September 28: Middle School Softball vs. Gatewood at 4:30

Varsity Softball vs. Gatewood at 6:00

September 29: B-Team Softball vs. John Milledge at 4:30

By: Ivy English