Psycho dynamic

By Tia Chilton

About the theory

This theory was designed by Sigmund Freud and it explores the aspects off trying to get inside the head of individuals in order to make sense of their relationships, experiences and how they see the world.In the late 1800,s and early 1900,s Freud developed a technique that he called psychoanalysis and used it to treat mental disorders and he formed his theory of psychoanalysis by observing his patients.

How the theory works !

Freud proposed that people have three levels of awareness within themselves

and these include

The conscious-contains information about the person to see if there paying attention to at any given time.

The preconscious contains all the information outside of a person’s attention but readily available if needed.

The unconscious- contains thoughts, feelings, desires, and memories of people who have no awareness but that have an influence on all aspects of day-to-day lives.