Tony Hawk

By: Sean Mortimer, and also Tony Hawk

Tony Hawks Road to being a professional.

Tony Hawk By: Sean Mortimer, and also Tony Hawk is about a kid that is very competitive and the road that he took to become a professional skateboarder. To begin with this book takes you along the way with him. It takes you on the world tours that he when't on. This book started as when he was a kid in the late 70's when he first started skateboarding. This book is mostly talking about how his life was on the road.

the process of Tony Hawk

Tony Hawk started skateboarding when it was in the late 70's. He learned how to do a fakie thruster at del mar in 1981. In 1983 Tony Hawk learned how to skate a sanitation ditch from school to his house. In the 70's all the skaters started to use urethane instead of clay and modern wheels where created. in the 50's the skateboard wheels where made of steel. In the mid-1950's up to the 70's skateboarding was an activity that surfers usually did. He learned how to do a layback air in the early 80's. Learned inverts back and front in 1983. He did a early lien air in 1983 while the pro skater Billy Ruff was watching. To all skaters that would be a big deal. He learned how to do a backside ollie in 1980.
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