Georgia Bulldogs Football

Will S. 7-3375

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The Georgia football program started in the year of 1892. In the Bulldogs first year they were 2-2-1. In there past season they were 12-2 and won the Capitol One Bowl. They are also a division 1 team in the hardest league, the SEC. Lastly, they place almost every year including last year at fifth place.
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Uga, the Mascot

Uga, the Georgia Bulldog, runs on the field every games for goodluck. The dog also is at every home game to cheer on his favorite team. Uga I was first seen in the year of 1956 when the coach got him as a present for his wedding and was brought to the first home game of the season. The name, Uga, Comes from UGA, University of Georgia.
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UGA 2013 Hype
The video above shows you some of Georgia's plays from the past season. As you can see they are one of the elite football teams in the NCAA.


Audio Recording on Friday morning by Studenttwenty