VTSD Tech News

December Edition

A Note from the Tech Guy

As we prepare students for college readiness, one tool we can use to prepare students is a Learning Management System (LMS). 99% of colleges today use an LMS and of those 99%, 74% use BlackBoard. It is very important for us to ensure students are comfortable navigating technology tools like an LMS.

As we continue to provide awesome educational tools for your personal tech toolkit, allow me to eliminate some confusion. When it comes to Learning Management Systems, MyBigCampus is the main tool everyone should be using in Vernon Township School District now and going forward.

There has been some confusion that Google Classrooms may be replacing MBC - this is simply not true and I wanted to give some clear direction on this. Google Classrooms is a great supplemnetal tool however it simply cannot do all MyBigCampus can do (see the below chart). If you said,"Matt, I only have time for one technology - what should I use?" I would strongly suggest MyBigCampus. If you have time for more than one tool then I would begin suggesting Google Apps including Classrooms.

In my time at East Stroudsburg and William Patterson, we used a combination of an LMS and Google Apps but our work always started in the LMS. An LMS is a great one-stop-shop for all things learning for our students. We have many great technologies at our disposal here at Vernon but again I would strongly suggest MBC be a handy tool in your tech toolkit.

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Google Tip of the Month: How to turn off CONVERSATION VIEW

If you send an email back and forth with someone and it has the same subject line, google stores these emails together in what is called CONVERSATION VIEW. However, many people simply prefer their email to appear chronologically. If you want to TURN OFF conversation view, click here for some quick instructions.

Champion Spotlight

I would like to spotlight innovative uses of tech in (and out) of the classrooms. This month's technology champion spotlight comes from Maryann Trovillion at the High School. She has given her students a one-stop-shop for resources and homework. See the pictures below of how she wanted to use MBC! Thanks for your hard work, Maryann!

Upcoming Tech Training

The following are some workshops we are planning over the next 4 months that YOU asked for!

  • Intro to Google Drive
  • Advanced Google Drive
  • Oncourse 101
  • Advanced Gmail & Calendars
  • Chrome Apps & Extensions
  • MyBigCampus 101
  • MyBigCampus Assessments
  • ELA with Blogs & Discussions in MyBigCampus
  • Webquests with Zunal
  • Connecting with PLN's using Twitter
  • Google Classrooms

Make sure to sign up on MyLearningPlan.com

Special for Secretaries and Administrators on 12/29: All Google All Day!

8:30-10:00 Gmail

10:30-12:00 Google Drive

1:00-2:30 More Google Drive

Coming Soon...

  • OnCourse Online Lesson plan workshops have started! If you want to get early access, check MLP for upcoming workshops! Can't wait? See the webinar replay below!
  • InfoSnap for paperless online registration for incoming students to our district!
  • We will be testing some Digital Signage at the board office - check it out if you stop by!
Intro to Oncourse Online Lesson Plans


In the month of October VTSD had 2,705 users log in to Google and they created over 16,000 documents with Google Apps...

Tech Coach Schedules

Need some time with a Tech Coach? Here are the buildings they are in:

Janet DeSenzo - Monday WR, Tuesday LH, Thursday RH, Friday float

Jackie Van Orden - Monday HS, Tuesday CM, Wednesday HS, Thursday GM, Friday float


Want some D.I.Y. training? Check out our online Tech Tool Kit!