Me, Myself, & I

Pa Houa Lee

About me

I was born in Thailand. When I was 9 years old, my whole family moved to the United States. I started my 4th grade in Crookham Elementary School in Winton, California. In 2005, we moved to Merced, California and that's where I grew up. I have a big family. I lived with my six sisters, my only one brother, and my parents. In the summer of 2012, I moved to Holmen, Wisconsin wihtout my family. I lived with my aunt and her 7 children. I atttend Holmen High School as a senior and will graduate in Holmen High School in 2013. My life has been changed since the day I came to Wisconsin. I missed my families, friends, and my old school so much. Even though things has been changed, I am still the same and will always be me, I will never give up and will continue on my education.

Things you should do when keyboarding

  • Adjust chair to the proper height
  • Sitting up on the chair
  • Feet on the floor
  • Body centered between the "b" and "n" keys
  • Sit about one-hand's distance away from the keyboard
  • Fingers curved on the homerow keys
  • Wrists are low but not resting on the keyboard or desktop
  • Relaxed
  • Each finger should be placed on the homerow keyboard and knowing which finger should type which key
  • Type wihtout looking

Things you shouldn't do when keyboarding

  • Adjust chair too low or too high
  • Feet on the chair or table
  • Sit too close to the keyboard
  • use one finger for all the keys
  • Looking at the keys when typing