New ways to carry school supplies and transport!

What's the SupKet?

The SupKet is a new and improved version of a backpack! It helps you carry around your school supplies without using too much energy, it's waterproof, and provides fast transportation without causing pollution!

Carrying around your school materials can be a HUGE problem. Not only does it use a lot of your energy that you could be using for other things but it also slows you down in the crowded hallways. Do you really want to be using your energy on carrying around school supplies when you could be using it for other things like hanging out with friends, playing games, doing sports or even learning?! Also, carrying around weight on your back when using a backpack can cause back problems. Do you really want to have back problems at such a young age, just because of your backpack?! And as we all know, the school hallways are ALWAYS crowded, even without having books and binders in your arms. So solve your problems and buy the SupKet today!

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What else can the SupKet do?

Have you ever felt like "URGH I don't want to walk to school!" or even, "the bus is so slow!" Well here's the perfect solution for you! The SupKet comes with an eco-friendly and fast way of transporting! That's right, you can save the enviorment and get to school (and other places) fast, at the same time! If you've ever been late for school because of a traffic jam, then just buy the SupKet, I mean, have you ever seen a traffic jam in the sky?! Not only that, but our super cool invention comes in different colours and styles too! You can have any colour you chose and it comes in angel wings, pixie wings or fairy wings!

You won't get wet either! Just press the "rain" button on the SupKet and a waterproof coating covers you and your school supplies! Your school work and books won't ever get soaked in the rain, or in any other weather. So what are you waiting for, buy the SupKet today!

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Help4Students Inc.

This is all brought to you buy Help4Students Inc. Help4Students recommends this product for 12-18 year olds as that is when your backpack is the heaviest, and therefor most likely to cause back problems. Also, this is when you most need to conserve your energy so you can learn and do sports or other activities.

Buy the SupKet today!