A Taste of Texas

A Report on Vietnamese Texans

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The main reason the Vietnamese people left Vietnam was the Communist North Vietnam taking over the city of Saigon during South Vietnam in the Vietnam war in 1975.


Many Vietnamese refugees settled along the gulf coast. The reason they came to Texas was their was lots of oppertunity and they could get into America more easily.




Dat Nguyen was a football player for Texas A&M and the Dallas Cowboys. His parents immigrated to Texas from Vietnam right before he was born in a refugee camp in 1975. He was the first Vietnamese-American in the NFL.


Betty Nguyen was a news anchor in Houston. She left Texas to return to Vietnam in 1998 and saw all the struggle of the rural people and founded Help The Hungry Inc.


Altogether, about 87 million people in the world speak Vietnamese. The majority of them, 84 million, live in Vietnam, while the other 3 million belong to Vietnamese diaspora overseas.

Approximately 40% of all Vietnamese, or more than 30 million people, share the same family name, Nguyen.

Hanoi has become the capital of Vietnamese kingdom as early as 1000 years ago. The city had at least five different names throughout its history. The current name was officially recognized only in the middle of 19th century.

Ho Chi Minh City, or Saigon, with a population of nearly 10 million people, is not only the largest city in Vietnam, but also the largest in Indochina, and third largest city, after Jakarta and Manila, in South-East Asia.

Houston is the city with the 4th largest Vietnamese population in America. It has 34,838 Vietnamese people. (as of the 2010 census)


One way Texas was affected by Vietnam was that there are now many different Vietnamese restaurants in Texas and many people brought traditions and skills.
I think that Texas is a little bit better off now because of the Vietnam people but there isn't a huge difference.


Laurel Parsley

GT Texas History

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