by Dailisia Hurley

What is depression ?

- Depression is feeling of extreme sadness for more than two weeks.

- Symptoms of depression include but are not limited to :

  • feelings of worthlessness or helpless or “empty” feelings.
  • irritability and/or restlessness
  • lost of interest in activities or hobbies
  • fatigue or decreased energy
  • overeating or appetite loss
  • suicide attempts or thoughts of suicide
  • trouble staying awake or falling to sleep.
  • headaches, pains, digestive problems that don't ease with treatment

What causes depression ?

- depression is caused by a combination of genetic, biological, environmental, and psychological factors.
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People who suffer from depression may have far fewer of the receptors in the brain that regulate our happiness when compared to non-depressed people.

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Who is at risk ?

  • Every year about 7% of U.S. adults experience major depressive disorder
  • Women are 70 % more likely than men to experience depression during their lifetime
  • The average age to develop depression is 32 years old.
  • 4% of 13 to 18 year olds have experienced a seriously debilitating depressive disorder.
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Living with depression

  • Depression occurs more in women than men
  • Biological, life cycle, hormonal, and psycho-social factors that many women experience can be linked to women's higher depression rate.
  • Women with depression are more likely to have feelings of sadness, worthlessness or excessive guilt, men are are more likely to be very tired,irritable,lose interest in once-pleasurable activities, and have difficulty sleeping.

  • Men can be more likely than women to turn to alcohol or drugs when they are depressed.

  • Men also tend to drown themselves in their work in order to avoid talking about and facing their depression

  • Although women attempt suicide more than men, many men die by suicide in the United States

How to treat depression

  • Once depression has been diagnosed, the two most common ways to treat it is through medication and psychotherapy.
  • Antidepressants need to be taken for 4-6 weeks in order for them to work, even if the patient starts feeling better they need to continue taking them so the depression doesn't return .
  • During psychotherapy you learn about your condition and your moods, feelings, thoughts and behaviors.
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