By: Darcey Earley & Zack Cavender

Economic Attractiveness

Warm climate makes it perfect for growing crops throughout the year, and is well suited for plantations. Resources include fish, forest, and good agricultural land for growing cotton, tobacco, rice, sugar, indigo, and PEACHES.

History, People & Places

James Oglethorpe founded the colony, was named after King George. Had religious freedom, and gave way for Baptist, Anglicans, and others. home of the headquarters of Coka-Cola. Famous battle sites from the civil war took place in Atlanta, GA.

Places to Visit

On the edge of the historic district sits a magnificent fountain, constructed in 1858, surrounded by 30 acres of the most peaceful place in Savannah,Georgia. On a Sunday afternoon, take a blanket to sit on the massive grassy lawn or under the trees and watch the world go by. That is, after all, a truly southern thing to do.

-30 reasons to move to Georgia

Fun Facts

  • The official state fish is the large mouth bass.
  • In Gainesville, the Chicken Capital of the World it is illegal to eat chicken with a fork.
  • Largest state east of the Mississippi.
  • The annual Masters Golf Tournament is played at the Augusta National in Augusta every first week of April.
  • Ralph Bunch, United States diplomat, was the first Georgian to win the Nobel Peace Prize.