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what is deforestation?

Deforestation is an environmental problem that affects animals, humans, and trees in Costa Rica.

Causes of Deforestation

There are many causes of deforestation. For example, population growth, which requires intensive development.This is a very big problem.

Another possible cause is cattle farming. Did you know that cows need a hectare of land? This means a lot of land is deforested for fast food. A final cause is monocrop farming. This is when trees are cut to grow one type of plant.

effecs of deforestation

There are many effects of deforestation. First fragmentation can happen.This can destroy animal habitat and can cause species loss.

Additionally soil erosion can happen when trees are cut because they hold the soil in place.Soil erosion can happen when trees are cut because they hold the soil in place.

A final possible effect is climate change. Climate change is when there is a lot of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. If you cut trees down then there would be too much carbon dioxide in the air.

solutions for deforestation

There are many possible solutions to deforestation. First, you could plant trees. For example, my school LPE whent to uvita Rancho la merced to plant trees. In addition, you could have a backyard farm. Finally, you could eat less eating less meat they don't need as much room for cattle. In my opinion, Reforestation is good!

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What is Deforestation?


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