The 4th Grade News

Week of December 1st-5th

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A Note from Ms. Deal

Dear Parents,

The 4th graders are finishing out the first semester strongly. The students have spent a great deal of time studying Indigenous Cultures and have chosen a culture to focus on for the Indigenous Cultures Museum we will be creating.

The Museum will be available for parents to explore on December 17th and 18th. We will be working in groups and completing everything in class (which is different from years past). More information about times for the Museum Walk will come soon.

This is a gentle reminder to send your student to school with a snack every day. We have had quite a few forgetful 4th graders, so any help you can provide at home will be much appreciated.

Finally, next week is the last week for the ASAs session two. After school activities will continue again after the break. The first week will be the week of January 26th

As always, do not hesitate to contact me with and questions.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Ms. Deal

Upcoming Events:

December 11th - Winter Concert 6:30pm - students must arrive at 6:00

December 17th and 18th - 4th Grade Museum Walk - times TBD

December 17th - Holiday Potluck Party 11:20am - more information to come!

What's going on in room 223

Math Maniacs

Students are working hard to master long division. This is a challenging unit and I am impressed with the diligence at which the 4th graders are working.

Please encourage your student to participate in the weekly math challenge! Each week I create a problem for students that would like an extra challenge. Even if the students don't reach the correct answer, at least they are thinking mathematically at home!

Language Arts

Word Study: Students continued working on vocabulary for our Indigenous Cultures unit. There was no homework this week, only classwork. You can find all of the word study lists on My username is and my password is shanghai.

Writing: Students are working on Cause and Effect in writing. We are using folktales to help us discuss the cause and effect of different actions. Also in writing students are beginning to formulate ideas for their own folktale, which they will begin next week.

Reading: Students are studying folktales. We are exploring many different types of folktales and discussing the moral or lessons. We also continue to spend time reading our good fit books.

Social Studies

This week we explored many different indigenous cultures. Students completed three "see, think, wonder" charts for cultures they are interested in studying. We also completed a webquest where students used online resources to answer questions about a certain culture. Today, students chose the culture they would like to study for the Indigenous Cultures Museum. Students will be working in groups to complete their research and create artifacts from their indigenous culture.