Luis Aguilar Perez & Enrique C.

Mexican Immigration

  • Mexican immigrants started to come to the united states in the early 1980's and continued immigrating. By 2008 there were 11.4 million immigrants in the united states.
  • Mexican Immigrants started coming to the united states to look for a better life and to try to get away from all the drugs and corruption that there was in Mexico.
  • Mexicans became to immigrate into the united states when WWII was ending because that was the chance they had to come due to reconstruction.
  • The immigration and Naturalization act of 1965 also known as the hart-celler act
  • 11 million immigrants came into the united states
  • when Mexican immigrants were caught by immigration they were put in cells with no food or anything to drink and were left their for days.
  • Mexican immigrants usually settled in California or Texas
  • The most typical job for immigrant was usually the one that nobody wanted to work at for example farming or agriculture.
  • Mexican brought experience and courage to the us showing them what there capable of.