The Shoot Out

Jazmine B.

"Bang, Bang"!Shots were being fired everywhere and many loyal unarmed colonist had been shot by British soldiers . No one know who shot first, but a war had just started and it wasn't going to end pretty.

It was in Massachusetts, March the 5, 1770 and colonist were taking a stand. They were standing up for their rights, the colonist did not see why they had to pay the king addional taxes. To show that the didn't think it was right colonist yelled and threw food at British soldiers.

Then, Bang, Bang! Even though told not to shoot , British soldiers shout at unarmed colonist and injured even killed!

Closing Conclusion

This shoot out caused a war between colonist and Britain rule, and showed injustice for loyal and willing colonist. This unexpected event changed for the greater good for Britain.