Surviving Dickens' London

By:Jada Derry and Anna Hoy

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Charles Dickens photo

A very famous man in the 1830s.
Charles Dickens was born on February 7,1812 in Portsmouth. Charles dickens was known for many books such as "A Christmas Carol". He was also known for his phenomenal characters such as " Ebenezer scrooge".
He had 7 other siblings, all were sisters. He had a loving named Elizabeth and a hardworking father named John. Now of course with a loving and hardworking family , his childhood was a sorry , fondly remember and wholly detested. When he was only 4 months old he and his family had to move to a smaller home to lower expenses. They had a nanny , Mary Weller, who took care of them.
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Family photo (Charles)

Why Charles wanted to be a gentleman

From a young age Charles had dreamed of becoming a gentlemen. He wanted to become a gentlemen because, by becoming an urbane and sophisticated man he will win the love of a beautiful Estella.
Charles dad went to jail when he was 12 years old on February 20 ,1824 because he was to far in debt and owed a baker money($40,100)
Charles continues to be popular to this day. Also a biography has been created in the 19th century. He died july 9,1870.