Waratah Anemone

Asia Russ PD02


  • eaten by large fish and crabs
  • eats small fish and plankton


  • New South Wales
  • Southern /Western Australia
What is it like???
  • mid to low-tide zone
  • under surfaces of rocks, semi-protected
  • exposed rocky shores
  • quite high on a shore or seen in quite exposed conditions

Daily Changes

  • dessication
  • oxygen availability/CO2 build up
  • wave action
  • temperature change
  • interrupted feeding


  • broods live young inside the column (the body) between the septa wall partitions (walls in the body)
  • tentacles are ejected through the mouth by parent’s column contractions
  • adult anemones can tell if the other anemone is related to itself, or not. if not they may attack each other and eat other parts