Dog Training

Dog Trainer In Training Needs Experience

Looking to gain more experience!

My name is Chelsea, I have been looking into becoming a trainer for a while now, I decided hands on experience would be the way to get things moving. I have been working with my dog Luna for a few months now, and I think she would love to have some classmates.


This is not an official dog training business, I am doing this to gain experience outside of training my own dog. Classes will be cheap and if unsatisfactory, they will be refunded. I plan to teach your furry friends all I know regarding basic obedience and fun tricks.
Classes will start off by teaching students to sit, lie down and shake. Then we will move on to paws up, do a dance, jump through a hoop and take a bow.


Click the link below (where it says Facebook) for a video of some of what I have taught Luna so far.