SJI International Elementary, Singapore

Week 5 Summer Term 2nd - 6th May 2016

Dates For Your Diary

May 12th- Mufti Day (Free Dress)

May 13th - Founder's Day: Prep students finish at 11.20am

May 18th - Prep Prom Prep 2 @ 1pm

May 20th - Family Picnic and Movie Night

May 26th- Prep 2 Sports Day

June 1st - Celebration of Learning

June 8th - Prep 2 Swim Gala

June 14th - Optional PTC
June 17th - Last day of Summer Term; holidays begin


Dear Parents

Over the next six weeks we will be exploring, observing and studying different types of buildings and structures as part of our IPC unit. We will be working together to make a city out of paper and will learn how buildings were made and used in the past and compare them to what buildings look like now and what materials are used.

Key Learning Goals

During this unit, we will be focusing on the following goals -

History 1.7:
Be able to find out about aspects of the past from a range of sources of information.

History 1.4: Be able to use key words and phrases related to the passing of time.

International 1.5: Be able to work with each other where appropriate.

Other Curriculum Areas


In Mathematics we will be learning about addition and subtraction within ten. We will be focusing on the symbols of addition and subtraction as well as story problems. We will then begin learning about measurement.

Language Arts

In Language Arts our new unit in writer's workshop is 'How To' books. We will continue with book 3 of our handwriting book and consolidate our phonics knowledge before concentrating more on grammar next term.


In Art we will be linking to the classroom unit titled Buildings. We will be using collage to create fabulous castles and we will build our own unique structures. Children will become knowledgeable about the amazing Austrian architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser (1928-2000) and his love of nature and colour as inspiration for his work. To help with these projects, we will develop skills in collage using pattern, contrast and emphasis and being able to build using 2D materials to make 3D works of art.


In PE we will be focusing on dance and movement activities

In Dance children will begin to:

Move into a space and travel from one space to another safely.

Use a variety of ways of travelling on feet.

Stretch and curl to make tall, rounded and spiky body shapes.

Use quick and slow movements.

Copy and repeat actions with increasing control.

Cue movements more consistently and recognise an 8 beat rhythm.


In Chinese, we are working on Unit 4: I Like to Eat

• Learn to say the names of some common food

• Learn colours

• Learn numbers 1 to 10


In Music, we will continue with the unit titled “Jack & the Beanstalk”. Pupils will learn the story of Jack & the Beanstalk through song. Each song will include elements of instrumental accompaniment. Pupils will begin to expand and reinforce their knowledge of beat and rhythm.

Our Entry Point

For our Entry Point we will be showing the children a video of a white paper city. This amazing video shows how paper transforms into a large city with buildings, bridges, roads, vehicles and more. The children will then attempt to create their own city using paper, working together in one large group.

The link is below, however, please don't watch this with your child until after Wednesday 11th May to allow the three prep 2 classes to complete their entry point.

Exit Point

We will follow up with more details nearer to the date.

Personal Goal

Our personal goal we are focusing on throughout this unit is 'cooperation'.


You are practising confidence when you...

  • love to try new things
  • give your best in what you do
  • appreciate gifts
  • welcome new possibilities

Next week's virtue - Honesty