Quebec, Canada

By Cody Mastay

Why go to Quebec?

Why i want to go to Quebec is because I have never been there before. Also I always wanted to go there because the Colorado Avalanche were the Quebec Nordiques until the Nordiques moved to Colorado. Also hockey originated in Canada.

History of: Quebec, Canada

Quebec has a lot of rivers and roads that give a lot of reminders led by the provinces's first settlers. Quebec also has the Hudson Bay you can go jet skiing on! Also they have Canada's native sport hockey!


Quebec's Culture:

French is the language used by most of Quebcers. Engish is spoken almost everywhere in Quebec.Quebec has a population of about eight million people. Most people live around of ST. Lawerence River.


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Flights and Hotel: Where I'll be staying?

Flights:U.S. Airways

There: 7:00am-4:49pm

Back: 8:15am-1:38pm
Cost: $2,085.70


Flight and Hotel: Where will you be staying?

Hotel Name: Hotel Le ST-James Montreal

Hotel Price:2,534

What does your hotel offer? What does your room look like? 2 king size beds with a bathroom with a shower,toilet,and sink. A deck hanging off the building


Some activities I will be doing on my dream trip in Quebec

Activity 1: Aquarium du Quebec

Description: 4/5, Certificate of excellence 2013

Cost: $35 per person $70 for two people

Activity 2: Terrasse Dufferin Slides

Description: Exciting, High speed tobaggan ride along slick ice

Cost: $18.12 per person

Activity 3: Karting Extreme

Description: Exciting, Fast Paced

Cost: $324 for two people


Problems I had this trip and how I solved them

A problem I ha this trip was I was driving through an intersection and some driver drove a red light and hit me when I was driving and I had the green light. How I solved it was because when I rented the car I got the damage insurance so if I got in a crash I wouldn't have to pay as much.

About me. Who are you? Have you ever traveled?

I am Cody Mastay I love to play hockey and be outside and active, I will play any sport even if I'm not good at it. I have traveled before i travel during hockey season to different states for tournaments. The during summer and Spring Break my family and I go back east to Pittsburgh or New York where my relatives are.

Conclusion/ Reflection

I chose to go with Peyton because he is awesome and one of my best friends ever in the world!! I spent my money on my rental car so I can drive around Quebec. I spent money on my flights to go to Quebec and back from Quebec to Denver. I spent money on all of my of my activities. The activities I am doing in Quebec are, Pond Hockey, Kicksledding, Snow Tubing and Sledding, Moose Hunting, Black Bear Hunting, Aquarium Du Quebec, Terrasse Dufferin Slides, Karting Extreme, Montmorency Falls Park, Quebec Levis Ferry, and Seadoo Jet Skiing on the Hudson Bay. How this affected my trip was I was losing my money that had for the trip that I saved. One problem that I discovered when I was planning my trip the problem I ran into was, I needed a rental car that could drive in snow really good. So i looked around for some cars and from my experience in life i know that Chevy cars are good in the snow so I rented a Chevy car that would be good in snow.