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Happy 2014 Everyone!

Simply Amazing!

I'm so completely astounded by what an incredible season this team had! You all make this career such a joyful and exciting ride. I'm honored to work among each of you: EVERYONE OF YOU A STELLAR and VERY-MUCH APPRECIATED PART OF THIS TEAM!

There are a number of people who set their goals HIGH to Sell and Promote and with determination, tenacity, and joy of helping their teammates reach their goals, they did it! CONGRATULATIONS to our newly promoted stylists AND their invaluable teammates. Your compassion and drive of working together as well as for your own businesses gives me chills of joy and awe.

2013 was fantastic--you all proved that. Set your goals high my friends because 2014 is going to be even better! Give yourself the gift of big dreams then listen in to Jessica's call in 5 minutes (See phone number below). This is YOUR YEAR!

xoxox's, Carrie

UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!! Our teammates Julie Lutz and Ginger Pingree have done it!

They reached all aspects of their contacts and jumped into the Top Ten of S&D's Highest Retail Sales by an Individual Stylist for the qualifying period of July 2013 to June 2014.

Truly Stupendous!!!!!! Julie even earned our RECORD-BREAKING Top Monthly Sales COMPANY-WIDE in November with $40,104 of ONE MONTH!!!

CHEERS to our Newly Promoted Directors!

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Sarah Pearsall, Senior Director

WAHOOO ~ These Women All Promoted in November...

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And These Beauties Promoted in December!:

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Check out our Level 5 Earners

Hello ipad Minis + Optimal Display + $4,500+ in Earnings!

Kudos to Our Level 4 Earners!

Hostess Exclusive Spring Statement Necklace + Beyond the Basics Display + $3,500+ in Commissions!

And a Massive Congratulations to our Level 3 Earners!

Hostess Exclusive Spring Bag + $850 in Product Credit + $1,500 in Commissions Goes to:

Laura Alexander

Kim Bender

Julie Berrigan

Kimberly Boeschen Ribich

Dawn Caldicott

Rosemarie Connell

Katie Dreher

Yoriko Fieleke

Julie Gilbert

Meredith Goldstein

Jana Graber

Alicia Hackney

Kristy Inge

Meagan Kingman

Natalie Knowles

Rima Larson

Suzette Lipker

Julie Lutz

Marilyn Mainelli

Stacy Mancaniello

Britt McNiff

Marie Nyland

Elizabeth Olson

Kathryn Orme

Susie Pala

Carolyn Peters

Courtney Peters

Ginger Pingree

Erin Reichert

Isabel Stover

Michelle Whitney

Aree Wichman

Andrea Yanoff

Throw your hands up for our Level 2 Earners!!!!!

Essential Spring Display + $1,500+ in Commissions!

Abbie Micucci

Alicia Stedman

Amy Lapine

Andrea Roell

Anne Manuel

Anne de Charette de la Contrie

Ashley Nickerson

Bénédicte du Bouëtiez

Christina Acampora

Christine O'Brien

Elizabeth Vettese

Erin Nordt

eugénie bouly

Gillian Zanre

Giovanna Sciortino

Heather Swett

Heather Dodge

Jackie Glasscock

Jane Donovan

Janice Stifler

Katherine Pratt

Kelly Atzbach

Kimberly O'Brien

Kirsty Gordon

Krista Jaekle

Laura Boland

Lesa Bricker-Reich

Louise Taylor

Marita Mullen

martine benoist

Meaghan Washington

Michalah Burrows

Michelle Colasante

Nicole Graceffa

Nova Mercan

Orlagh Pawlyk

Randee Kushner

Rhoda Macpherson

Sophie Mitchell

stefanie menocal

stephanie fahmy

Tina Reilly

Valerie Long

Valerie Lawrence

Vanessa de Longvilliers-Lucas

And a MASSIVE Round of Applause for our Level 1 Earners!

$350 in Product Credit & $500+ in Commissions Goes to:

Adrienne Bonds

Allison Schnaer

Allyse Jorgensen

Allyson Vess


Amy Heidke

Andrea Hansen

Andrea Frost

Angela Killian

Aurore Gratton

Bethany Mandell Chayrigues

Bridey LaCouture

Bridget D'Amelio

Caitlyn King

Caralee Levinson

Carly McGovern

Caroline de Pioger

Carolynn McIlwraith

Catherine DeMello

Chiara Cherin Rhouate

Colleen Yoo

Colleen Wilcox

Courtney Jonke

Daira Tramontin

Dana Borgese

Denise Anderson

Diana Pell

Donna Camarda

Elise Sirhal

Elizabeth Hanlan

Emma Watts

Ennika Jeannis

Erica Gearin

Erin Fitzgerald

Gina Becker

Heather Mango

Heidi Valentin

Heidi Bruce

Helen Plummer

Holly Henderson

Iida Borges

Inga Cosway

Jamie Godin

Jennifer Spencer

Jennifer Guay

Jenny Dieter

Jessica Slusarski

Jessica Jones

Julie-Ann Murphy

Kasey Corsello

Kate-Lyn Lyons

Kelly Pinkham

Kelly Mutsch

Kelly Hall

Kelsey Lancaster

Kim Williamson

Kristal Kelly

Kristin Hawley-Johnson

Lauren Tarasewicz

Laurie Mandato

Leah Freeman

Leigh Thomas

Leigh Davenport

Lena LaBour

Linda Billings

Lindsey Reynolds

Lisa Pickett

Loretta Courtney

Lynn Moertl

Mairi Scott

Marina Ruben du Courtieux

Marnie Kamensky

Mary Elizabeth Taylor

Maryshannon Maynor

Melanie Pearl

Melissa Stevens

Melissa Soto Figueroa

Michele Mosher

Michelle Murphy

Mindy Marcouillier

Nicole Rieser

Pamela Arias

Patricia Butler

Patricia Allen

Rebecca Meehan

Ruth Marks

Sarah Andolina

Sarah Anderson

Stef Heitz

Stephanie Lancione

Stephanie Hancock

Stephanie Gaiser

Tamara Solomon

vanessa keyes

Victoria Parrilli

Victoria Mortimer

SERIOUSLY, can you believe that?! Well-done my friends!!!!!


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Life Coach Call with CEO, Jessica Herrin
Thursday, January 2nd
10amPT/12pmCT/1pmET (30 min)
(800) 747-5150 Access: 6977091#

Join CEO, Jessica Herrin on January 2nd for a special Life Coach call on Goal Setting for the New Year. Now is the perfect time to plan what what you want both personally and professionally to make 2014 your best year yet!

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UK, France & Germany: See your lounge for specifics.

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This is it my's YOUR time to SHINE!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!