Software Developer

What makes electronics work

Thesis #1

Designing the way things work is what i want to do. For example, if i were to work for Apple or Samsung i would get to design their UI or User Interface. I would design the software for the hardware to work. As a software developer, the work would include researching, designign, implementing, and testing software. Developers make software fo the world to use. I love to work with electronics and I would like to keep doing that on a daily basis.

Thesis #2

The school i would like to go to to become a software developer would be the University of Maryland. They are ranked third on the east coast for best computer science program behind MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and Florida Institute of Technology. Maryland excels at almost every sport. Especially football, basketball, and baseball. Some important people went to Maryland, including Kevin Plank and Sergey Brin. Plank is the creator of Under Armour and Sergery Brin was the co creater of Google. And this school is close to home as well.

Thesis #3

The cost to get my Computer Science degree at Maryland is fairly cheaper than the other options as well. On year costs around $45,000. At other quality schools it would be upwards of $60,000. If I were to get this degree, would lead to many options for a career. For example, I could programming or cyber security. But what I want to do is software developement. My options are almost unlimited with a computer science degree.
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