A Guide to Bunburying

By Ariela Andrade

What is bunburying?

Bunburying is when you bunbury. To bunbury is when you make a secret identity. You would want to bunbury if you want to get out of situations that you wouldn't want to be in. The goal of bunburying is to get away with a second identity.

Preparing to become a Bunburyist

Preparing to become a bunburyist is quite simple if you follow these rules:

  • Create your Bunbury.
(Name, personality, different wardrobe is optional)

  • Plan a different location for you Bunbury.
You don't want to be two different people at the place you go to work or hang out.

  • Have a daily planner or calender with you to record where you have been and where you need to go.
Make sure you have separate planners for each identity.

Plan your future ahead of time!

  • Are you going to have relationship?
  • Will you marry?
  • Have children?
Will you tell them your secret?

Don't make your second identity Public

If your profile is public then it'll be easier for people to find out about your secret identity.

  • Try not to get in a lot of photos.
  • Try not to tell people where you live
  • If you have any social profiles don't use your real photo.

Problems that you may encounter

  • Run into somebody that you already know.
(while your in your different identity)
  • Having a suspicious friend snoop around in your business.
  • You accidentally schedule two meetings with both of your identities.
  • Show up as the wrong person.
  • If your in a relationship, your partner could find out your secret.

Precautions to take

  • Be organized, have a good memory.
If you don't keep organized you can make a lot of mistakes.
  • Don't act suspicious.
If you act suspicious people will want to know what you are up to all the time.
  • No pictures.
If your friends find pictures of you with people that they have never met they'll know that something is wrong.
  • Make sure to stay in your area with your certain identity.
If you wander around in the wrong area, there is a chance someone can recognize you.

Have fun with your Bunbury!

Good Luck!


If you decide to get rid of your other identity, don't kill them off because there won't be any records of that person actually dying.

Just say they moved or something similar.