Welcome to Week 2

Business Related Writing and How to "Tell 'Em"

Lessons and Activities for Week 2

This week's lecture will deal with how to write memos in an informative and professional manner. Many of your future careers will involve writing memos or reports, so it's important to know what details you need to include to get your point heard and understood.

Review the lecture and the readings this week to actively participate in the discussion and activities.


  • Chapter 1 p. 2-14
  • Chapter 7 p. 120-146


  • Discussion Board (don't forget to respond to THREE classmates)
  • Research and synthesize effective workplace writing practices in the form of a memo to colleagues. There is a rubric available, please review it before and after the assignment
  • Reflection

Just to let you know, I normally do grading on Tuesdays on a weekly basis to ensure you get feedback early on in the week. If you do not complete an assignment on time, it automatically receives a 0 in the grade book but remember you can turn in late work per the syllabus.

The Key Forms of Business Writing: Basic Memo