Diary Of a winpy kid cabin fever

TRacy cheatham ELA 2nd block

exposition setting

The setting of the book is at school with his friends and at his house during Christmas. And elf on the shelf is watching them so the wont be bad.
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exposition conflict

And the elf on the shelf watches the kid everywhere they go in the house and it is making the characters scared to do anything in the house
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rising action

They had to do a band gig at a church

and the little brother was laughing

so his big brother beat him up

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Then they kept fighting then there mom broke it up and

said that they are grounded then they started arguing and sent them to

there rooms

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falling action

Then there mom and dad left to go somewhere for a couple of days to get away from the kid and they throw a party
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And the house started getting messy and there mom called and he tried to get them to leave because his mom and dad where on there way and everybody left but the house was in a mess and they had to clean up
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