Principal's Update

JMS and JSTEM Academy School Closure Week of May 4-8

Dear Families,

I hope that you all are doing well and are healthy! We truly appreciate all the sacrifices you are making to keep your child engaged in distance learning as well as trying go to work each day or manage your job from home. It is definitely not easy navigating it all.

We only have 18 school days left; and teachers are working diligently with your children to ensure that everyone has a successful year end. Students should keep working on their assignments and check in with their teachers at the scheduled times. School is not over, and we are still with you and your child every day!!


Principal Worley

This Week Is Teacher Appreciation May 4-8

Teachers have worked so hard all year long in a relatively traditional setting and in a matter of days on the heels of spring break had to shift gears and set up distance learning with little no to preparation. Distance learning for this length of time was not what we expected, nor prepared for; however, your child's teachers have done and still do it each and every day. They have really stepped up and changed their game plans to meet the needs of their children and also you, the parent! Please take some time this week to call, write or do something to show your appreciation for your child's teachers and their valiant efforts to not only teach from home, but also manage their own households and health during this crisis. I think that the world has learned that teaching is not an easy profession and many just want you to say thank you!

Chromebook Pick Up or Repair Assistance

Wednesday, May 6th, 8am-5pm

8205 Palisades Drive

Live Oak, TX

If you still need a chromebook please use this link:

JISD will distribute them from the front entrance. This will also be the location that parents and staff can come during this time for assistance with the device by the help desk.”

Student Belongings: May 11-15

We will have an opportunity for parents to pick up any belongings their students may have left in PE. We will also have an opportunity for parents to drop of uniforms, library books etc. This will occur over the next few weeks. Details will come from both the elective teachers and the PE coaches. You must wear a mask and will not need to get out of your car.

Enter the school by the bus entrance and drive around to the bus loop. Once done with P.E. keep driving around and turn right into teacher parking lot and we will collect uniforms, instruments and library books by the elective building.

Boys P.E. will be scheduled from May 11-15

Monday 1st & 4th Period 9am - 11am

Tuesday 2nd & 3rd Period 9am - 11am

Wednesday 5th Period 9am - 11am

Thursday 6th Period 9am - 11am

Friday 7th Period 12 pm - 2pm

Coach Noe will be outside with the locker list; he will give Coach Brannon the locker number who will then bag the items and deliver outside.

For specific questions please reach out to Coach Brannon for Coach Noe.

Athletics will be handled in later weeks.

Girls PE will be scheduled May 13-15

Bags will be distributed each day from 8:00-4:00 by locker number and times. Please see communication from Coach Lopez about the specific times for your child. You must wear a mask and you will not need to get out of your car.

  • Wednesday, May 13th: ATHLETICS
  • Thursday, May 14th: P.E. - Coach Monday Classes
  • Friday, May 15th: PE - Coach Lopez’s Class & Anyone who missed the previous days.

Band, Orchestra, Choir May 15

All elective formal uniforms will need to be returned on Wednesday, May 13th from 9:00-1:00. You can also return your school loaned instruments as well.
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