Dengue Fever

By Sam Funke

What is Dengue Fever?

Dengue Fever is a mosquito-borne disease, which means mosquitoes carry it. Dengue is found in warm, damp, and tropical areas. Australia, South America, Asia, and the Middle East. Dengue Fever has infected and killed many people.

How is this disease transmitted and cured?

This disease is transmitted by mosquitoes. There is no vaccine or cure for this disease. There are lots of thing to prevent this disease form infecting you, you could sleep with bed netting, make sure that there are no holes in your screen or windows, destroy mosquito eggs and habitats, and try to wear long sleeves to prevent the bites. Doctors and researchers are trying to find a cure.

What are the symptoms of Dengue Fever?

Some symptoms that may occur if you don't get the serious kind of Dengue Fever are: High fever, headache, joint pain, rash, and muscle pain. If you get the severe type of Dengue Fever the same symptoms will occur but so will some new ones like severe bleeding, shock. and maybe even death. Some organs will be affected like your, Liver, heart, lungs, stomach, and skin bleeds.

Similar Diseases

Influenza get fevers like Dengue it also gets muscle pain and headache.

Anthrax gets headaches and fever.

Legionnaire gets head aches like Dengue Fever and also gets high fever.

West Nile gets headaches, high fever, mosquito-borne

Yellow Fever gets high fevers, headache, and shock


Dengue Fever first epidemic was in 1635 and it affected the French West Indies. In 1922 Louisiana also got Dengue and 7,561 people were affected. Rio has had a lot of problems with Dengue Fever. In 1923 they had a epidemic and 500,000 people felt sick. Rio had another outbreak in 1986 of march and 2 million felt ill. Rio had once again had another outbreak in 2002 and 95,463 cases, and 31 deaths. Most of the soap opera got sick, pop stars and soccer players also got sick. In 1977 Jamaica had problems with it Dengue for three years and 400,000 people got affected. Cuba got the disease in 1977 and 477,440 were affected. In 2001 and 2002 Hawaii got Dengue Fever. Brazil got a bad case of Dengue Fever 317,787 cases, and 51 deaths.

In Rio 2002 there were 571 hemorrhagic cases reported. In 2008 Rio reported 57,010 and 67 deaths with 58 under investigation. In march of 2008 48 deaths were reported and 120,570 cases. Most of the deaths were ages 0-13.


Dengue Fever is a really interesting dieses to study. Dengue Fever is a really bad disease to have. If your are going to a place that has had reported cases take precaution. We are lucky because Dengue Fever has not come to Iowa.


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