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Weeks of April 4/4 and 4/11

Important Dates


Stephanie and Rolayne at conference (Kari Auerbach on duty)


PBL training-Group A

3:15 Yoga and Garden Club


Progress Reports go home today

Stephanie to DO for Interviews

2:00 PTO Snack Shack

5:30 Open House and Art Walk


Math TOSAs on site for 2nd and 4th

1:00 AR Reward Movie - MPR

2:00 AR Reward Movie Group 2 (if needed) - MPR

3:15 Student Council

6:00 Migrant Ed- MPR


8:15 Primary Flag

Dream Job Spirit Day

Stephanie to DO for interviews


8:00 ELAC Meeting

12:30 Hard Lockdown Drill


PBL Training - Group B

Math TOSAs modeled lessons for 1st

9:00 Stephanie to DO

Garden and Yoga Clubs


Math TOSAs for K/2nd

2:30 PLC Meetings


2:00 Food Pantry

4:30 LCAP Stakeholder Meeting- MPR


Upper Flag

Stephanie to DO for interviews

4th to various field trips

5:00 family portrait night - Community Room

Tiger Tid-Bits

-I wanted to give Sandra a big thank you for helping to organize the Project Based Learning Training that will begin this week.

-Thank you to Camilo, who has offered to help in the planning of our Career Day! He has experience with this event from his previous school, we look forward to having a new set of eyes in preparing this event!

-We hope you are all rested, refreshed, relaxed and READY to tackle the last part of our school year. I always get kind of sad after spring break, knowing we only have a few short months left with these sweet faces. Let's make it a spectacular last 60ish days.


- In consideration of our classrooms downstairs, we are asking that all upstairs teachers walk their students down the staircase each time they come up or down. It gets quite noisy and disruptive for our 1st and Kinder classrooms. Thank you for our help with this.

-AR incentive for March-Kari will be coming around on Monday with your students' tickets. Please only put students names on the list for quizzes they took in March, not for quizzes they took on Monday. We have space for 200 students in the 1:00 movie. If we need additional space, we will open up a 2:00 showing. 1:00- Teal tickets 2:00 Yellow tickets. We will announce the April incentive at Flag on Friday.

-Art Walk during our Open House. If you are doing a check off list for students for open house, please consider adding a spot for library and ID2 classrooms. Both will be open during Open House and we want families to visit these rooms.

-Both Rolayne and I are at a conference on Monday. Kari Auerbach is on duty for us on Monday. Please call her for any support you may need with students, families or issues.

-Technology is currently working on upgrading our bandwidth. There may be a period of time that your students will not have access to the Internet during this time. While it is definitely not ideal or acceptable, it would be a great time to review school wide procedures (I.e. Hallway rules, lunch trash pick up, etc.), spend some time having kids write about their spring break, doing student interest surveys, or any other activity that you never seen to have time to get too.

-Rolayne and I have learned so much at this conference over the past 3 days. We have lots to share with you in the upcoming months and for next year. One thing I will share now is that the overarching theme for the weekend has been on student relationships. One quote that someone tweeted out really resonated with me, spoken by Manny Scottt one of the most amazing speakers we have ever heard (big surprise, both Rolayne and I were in tears during his speech) was, "Show up everyday teachers, STUDY the cultures of your students like anthropologists. BECOME a student of your students." We really loved this quote, it gives us permission to really get to know our kids, their lives, what they deal with everyday, their interests and WHO they are as children. Take some time this week to try this out.

-If you have any parents who have filled in 3 pages on their Parent Passport, please direct them to the office. We are taking names of families who have 3 filled in for free professional family portraits later this week.

Go for the Gold picture in Atlanta, Georgia

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Check out #whyiteach

It is super inspiring!

"Lots of things are contagious: fear, love, hate...viruses. But joy, hope, love are the best kinds of contagions." #cue16

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