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About Creon

I am a fair king who is loving of all of his people. I am not cruel, i am light hearted, but if you go against me you will regret it.



Okay. Who ever buried Polynices better bring yourself forward, 'cuz that is not right. You went against my rule and buried him any way. Yall are scum!!!!!


King I tried to find Antigone but i couldn't. I have looked every where and she is nowhere to be found. Im sorry King i have failed you.


How dare you bury your Polynices, it was not your choice to do so!!!


I buried Polynices. Get over it he was my brother and i have the right to give him a burial. And speaking of rights, you don't have the right to call me scum or anyone else who would have buried him. If anyone in this "Kingdom" is scum its the king himself. A horrible ruler who is not fair to his people, no wonder you're friends with Hitler on here. I wonder if you got the horrible ruler idea from him or the other way around. I bet it was the other way around. All Mighty King Creon you should burn in HELL!!!


People need to calm down and stop killing themselves over stupid people. No ones life is worth taking your own. Get over it there's billions of people on this earth you'll find someone else