Qoola Frozen Yogurt Bar

14 Locations Across Canada and 4 More to Come!

Corporate Information


-Pure Heart + Pure Body (organic foods keep you emotionally happy and physically healthy!)

-originally named "Keula" (knowledge, environment, unite, learn, and achieve)


-cares about the environment by using recyclable products

-serves the community with partnering,fundraising, awareness, educating, and uniting

-natural and fresh kosher yogurt, fat-free (trans/saturated), and gluten-free

-proud Canadian company working with Canadian vendors or suppliers

-always fresh products (yogurt is not powdered or heat-treated)

-contains probiotic cultures

-learning from criticism

Other Important Details

  • 2 corporate units in Canada
  • Available in British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario, with new locations to come in Alberta and British Columbia
  • In business since 2008
  • Franchising since 2010
  • Canadian Franchising Association member since 2012

What's for Sale - Meals:

What's for Sale - Desserts:

Franchising Process

  • $50K franchise fee
  • $330K-400K start-up capital/investment

  1. Application Form and Confidentiality Agreement - $500 fee
  2. Interviewed over the phone
  3. In-person interview at a store
  4. Franchisee packet and letter of intent (agreement) with 50% deposit for Franchise Fee
  5. Approval
  6. Franchise Agreement Form with 50% deposit
  7. Training in Richmond, BC (head office and corporate stores) for 5-14 days
  8. Franchise Operation Manual and Qoola with help out with growing out