Small Steps

Designed by: Danielle By: Peg Kehert

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Small Steps: The Year I Got Polio


Peg Kehert a normal girl was walking to her locker when she colapsed on the floor. When she got home she knew something was wrong. Her parents rushed her to the Sheltering Arms Hospital for polio patients. She had three kinds of polio. It was so bad she had to. Go to a more high tech hospital. She needed a lots of treatment to help her get better. It took 5 months . In that time she became friends with a boy named Tommy. Butfinally she was ready to go back to the Sheltering Arms. She was treated so well that in 3 months of care she was ready to go home. The first day back at school she was missed so much everyone wanted to help her. This book was a good but sad story about the life of an a avarge girl that had polio.