Child Labor

Child Labor is wrong, stop it now!

Coal Mine Child Labor is harming our kids

Our kids are being put to work for too many hours a day. Kids are starting to work at the age or 7 or 8, some even as young as 5. They are working in the cold, dark coal mines for more than 14 hours a day. Poor families can not afford enough food to keep their children healthy. The children working, because their familes dont make enough money to feed them, have weaker bodies and are more likely to get sick by inhaling all of the coal mine dust.

Factory Work is injuring our kids

Young children in factories are more likely to get injured from accidents from machines, unprotected machines. Micheal Sadler, started a commitee in 1832 to send investigators to factories and interview the children working and asking them about ther working conditions. After getting information back about the children he sought to pass a bill to decrease child labor and/or regulate all factories to have 10 hour days rather than 14 or 15 hour days.

Few Pros and many Cons of Child Labor

What are the benefits of child labor? Child Labor brings in more money for the families and job experiences for the kids, but other then that where is the good of child labor? Although i cant think of many pros i can think of alot of cons. You are sending your kids to a factory, which there is no parental guidance and many unprotected machines, and risking the chance of your kid never coming back home. In 2013 about 22,000 kids die every year rom working, that averages to about 60 kids a day.

How did Child Labor improve?

The labour of children in 1833 was improved greatly. New improvements: Children (ages 14–18) were not permitted to work more than 12 hours a day and had a hour lunch break, Children (ages 9–13) were not allowed to work more than 8 hours a day along with an hour lunch break, Children were not aloud to work at night, and Two hours schooling each day for children.


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