Brookwood ILC Notes

April 28, 2016


1. Please read all of Russell's emails and ask questions if you are unsure about something. 2. Look at the coverage schedules and please be where you are supposed to be.

3. SPGs need to be completes by May 6th. Make up SPGs online via the desktop computer in your classroom.

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Rules Review Committee: Dress Code/ Electronic Devices

If you have input on the dress code of the electronic device policy please send it to me this week so I can forward your feedback to the admin. team.
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You MUST call these parents if students are in danger of NOT graduating!! If you cannot get a hold of anyone, document at least 2 attempts (try multiple numbers, come see me & let me check #s in SASI, see Melanie for #s on the clinic card). You should also send a failure letter - you can get those from the counseling office (if you have not already done so. A conversation now can save you hours of trouble later.

Post Secondary Survey - Good Job - We're more than half way there!! DEADLINE MAY 13TH

WAY TO GO!! Thanks for your hard work on the Post secondary survey. We still have about 20 kids to contact so if your kids are on the "unreached" list or you haven't yet made the two required attempts, try to do that this week. Remember...The county Deadline is May 13th. Karen Recknor will work on some of the kids whose case managers are no longer with us.


I sent out an email last week with the procedure for senior files. Let me know if you need more direction. I think Will Azbell is a PRO on the Summary of Performance document - I think he has the most SENIORS on his caseload if I recall correctly.

Special Ed. End of they Year Checklist - I sent that out last week.

You need to do a textbook check in early May.

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Summer Credit Recovery Opportunities will be offered at BHS

1. Hoping to offer 2 sessions in June (9-11am &/or 11:30am-1:30pm) the idea being that a student can come for a face to face class and then maybe do a credit recovery class as well.

2. Cost will be $75 per class

3. There will be two waves of marketing - mailings will go out

a. past failed courses

b. current failures from this yr/semester

4. This will be a self paced computer based program through Ga. Virtual Academy

5. Most Core areas courses are offered

6. No Foreign language classes, Physics, or Advanced Math and Decision Making

7. Sign up will be after final exams through May 27th through Mypaymentsplus

8.. If you are interested in being a facilitator, it will pay & they are looking for certified Science or Math teachers. Contact Kim Hamman.