Phoenix Coyotes


Team information

Team name-Phoenix Coyotes
Country- U.S.A

State/Providence- Arizona

City- Phoenix

-Longitude and Latitude- 33.4500°N, 112.0667°W

-Region- the Southwest Region

Language- English and Spanish

Interesting Facts- 6th largest state

- All of New England plu Pennsylvania would fit inside Arizona!

- Has 3,928 mountain peaks and summits!

Physical Features- Colorado River

- 4,964 springs!

- Humphreys Peak- 12,633 feet above sea level

Team Mascot information

Team Mascot- Coyotes

Nicknames- none

Mascot connection to Culture of Regions- Arizona's culture is mainly for anyone who loves outdoors. They named it Coyotes because there are many coyotes in Arizona, because of the many deserts that coyotes live in


Team establishment - 1972

Founder - Richard Burke

Why did they choose this location? They were running out of money in Winnepig so they sold it to an owner in Phoenix

Connection of mascot to history - There are many coyotes in Arizona because of the deserts there


Stadium/Arena - arena

-Why - is a sponsor for the coyotes

-Other names - Formerly known as the Glendale Arena

Why are stadiums and Arenas being named after Major Businesses? This is because major businesses when major business sponsor them, they either get equipment free or they earn money by putting the company's' names on their stadium, jersey, shoes, etc.