Stop Sexual Predators

Athletes in Action to Make Campuses Safe

Taking Back Our School

Sexual Assaults bring dark clouds over our School. It's time to chase them away.

Black Bears Football is committed to helping Students and Student Athletes end the scourge of Sexual Violence and the terrible climate it brings. So much attention has been placed on Football Players, especially in Florida. Other Sports as well.

But Sports should be and can be a safe place for everyone. Not a safe haven for Predators. We're calling on all Students, especially Student Athletes to step up and put an end to the fear, an end to the suspicion, an end to the Sexual Violence.

It all starts here and now. There are sensible steps that can be taken to make everyone safer and also put an end to the suspicious climate that cuts across everyone. Please join now and let's put an end to the "Hunting Ground" atmosphere.

This is our School and it's time to take it back.