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Click on Groups and Assignments

For Archiving groups from last year:
  • Click on Bulk Group Management
  • Select the groups you want to Archive
  • Click on Archive
  • Click on Back

To Create a Group

  • Click on the Create a Group icon
  • Name your group - Last name, Period, Year
  • Last year we put the last name and period for group key (only for students to self enroll. You may give this to new students and they can enroll in your class)
  • This is only visible after you have clicked on Save and Exit
  • Click on Save
  • Should show up on the left hand side
  • Click on Save and Exit
  • Create all groups. Then go back and edit the group key.

If you need to edit the group information

  • Click on the radio button next to the group
  • Click on the pencil icon
  • Ready to edit

To Add Students

Click on the Grade level

  • Check the student you want to enter to your class
  • Click on Save

To Add Assignments

Click on a Group

Click on Groups and Assignments
Step 1 of Assignment Wizard

Add a Prompt

3 Different types
  • IntelliMetric Prompts-Based on the prompt- score based on the grade level- based on 1500 papers
  • Pilot Prompt- being tested- based on a rubric-can send it in to be scored
  • My Prompt- approximator can grade- based on grade level and the theme
  • Keep grade level open
  • Search by Keyword

Select a Prompt

Once you have selected a prompt:
Step 2 of the Assignment Wizard

You may take a look at the resources and look at iSeek

Setup Availability

Active for prompts you want your students to see. May also do this through your start date.
Permission allowed - How many submissions will you allow.
Grade level - Can leave no limit.
Start Date - When your students will be able to see it.
Time - Be careful with this.

Make sure to select All Groups to the right, if you even think you might use this prompt with a class.
You do not have this option once you are off this page.
You may delete a prompt easily.


Some prompts are only graded on 6 points
Readability is what level someone reading the essay would need to be able to read the essay


You have the option to change this at any time. If you want your students to have feedback on Content and Development this week and something else next week.
Choose whether you want students to be able to use My Tutor and My Editor

Add Tools

Keep all of these on if you want your students to have these tools available.
Take timer off unless you are doing a timed paper.
Special instructions:
ex:(Please read attached document) attach a resource from step 2
Save and assign

Resources and Training

Model essays