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In an asylum there is a girl that doesn't talk to anyone. Emily has been there for six months, after being found with her parents bodies, her sister disappeared on the day that she was found. It is hard to tell what is inside that girl and what exactly brought her to where she is right now. Past and present are mixed up on this surprising video about Emily's life.


Dishonored [Soundtrack] - Drunken Whaler

Integrantes do grupo - 2º B

Nº 1- Alessandra Nunes

Nº 10 - Camila Souza

Nº 15 - Clara Senna

Nº 21 - Fabíola Malta

Nº 28 - Júlia Afonso

Nº 31 - Laís Martins

Nº 38 - Mariana Palmeira

Nº 43 - Priscila Fernandes