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Preservice Week

Welcome Back!

Welcome to the new school year, and our weekly staff newsletter. We'll do this each week. The particulars for updating are found below!

This summer has been an active and engaging time at Yancey. Summer School was a success at Walton that culminated with students being able to share their work with pride.

The roofing project at the school is being finished, and the security entrance is close to being completed. The septic field project will hopefully commence in the near future.

As we get ready to embark on another school year, I'd like you all to reflect on three questions before you get here:

1. What is the genius that you bring to this team?

2. How might we build a community amongst & between stakeholders focused on respect and understanding?

3. What assumptions do we make about students when we implement certain procedures or choose work with which we want them to engage? Do those assumptions apply to the way in which we work together as adult learners?

We will explore each of these questions in depth during the preservice week. To help with the first question, I'm planning a team strength inventory. Be on the lookout for more details.

We have a great week planned to spend time together. August 11th and 12th are Division level days for professional development. If you have gotten credit for four classes during the summer, or have taken RC and have gotten credit for 2 classes, then you don't need to attend any sessions on 8/11 or 8/12. We will meet for our Back to School Potluck Breakfast on Wednesday, August 13th at 9am. At 10 we'll do a brief overview of the week. You'll have the rest of the day on Wednesday to work in your rooms. We will meet all day on Thursday. Lunch will be provided. Friday and Monday will be in your rooms. Open House is Monday from 4-6. We will meet on Tuesday morning at 8, and then have a staff BBQ.

A couple items of business:

I couldn't be more excited for this school year. We have some challenges ahead, but I know that if we focus our collective talents, we will enable our students to achieve at higher levels, and pursue their curiosity and passions.

Have a relaxing rest of the Summer, and I'll see you all by August 13th!



Room changes:

Don Healy: Now in Room 3

Tricia Spradlin: Now in Room 9

Shanice Gray: Now in Room 6

Lauren Hauser is our new Literacy Specialist/ESOL teacher. She's located in the old staff lounge.

Megan Whitehurst is our new math interventionist. She will be joining Jamie in the learning cottage.

Staff Lounge: Now in Room 10 - Check it out!

Newlsetter Updates:

If you have announcements, pictures, or shout outs, please send to Craig.

If you have events for the calendar, please send to Jennifer Wilkes or Cathy Martin.

Upcoming Events

Back to School Potluck Breakfast

Wednesday, Aug. 13th, 9am

Yancey Cafeteria

School Meeting

Thursday, Aug. 14th, 8am-3pm


Lunch Provided

Open House

Monday, Aug. 18th, 4-6pm


School Meeting and BBQ

Tuesday, Aug. 19th, 8am-1pm

Yancey and Simpson Park

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